Lake Travis Flood  2015

A neighborhood near Lake Travis is flooded in Texas

Massive downpours in Texas and Oklahoma during the second and third week of May 2015 caused Lake Travis, Texas to flip from drought stage to nicely filled in a span of weeks. Over the span of a single week, Lake Travis gained 22 feet of water level. This is one of the fastest water level rises ever recorded. Lake Travis is the primary reservoir for Austin, Texas. The Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA), which oversees Lake Travis forecasted lake level will rise to as much as 7 feet more driven by even greater water flows from upstream. The lake was rising by half-a-foot an hour during the heaviest rains. Part of a network of reservoirs designed to rise and fall with rainfalls, Lake Travis receives water from the Colorado River in Texas. The rainfall ended a multi-year drought that had driven the water level in the lake to record lows over the past decade. Mashable writes about the incident here

Rising Waters: Percentage Full and Water Level (Adjusted) for Lake Travis on an Extended Timescale

A Week of Rain Brings a Rising Lake Level: Daily Data from May 21-May 27

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